Traveling checklist for a first-time international flier

August 17, 2017

The wife is all set to fly for the first time ever, and it’s going to be international! I’m sure there are tons of material already available out there, but thought I’d put together something that is more personalized; something that’s likely to make her smile, and still ensure she has a trouble-free journey. Since she’s going to be flying out of an Indian airport, there might be a couple of additional India-specific points, in an otherwise generic list.

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[Tutorial] Using for posting

August 16, 2017 provides a very easy to use, minimal, yet intuitive interface, allowing even people without git know-how, to easily wade through their site files and make edits, or create new posts. The separate metadata entry mechanism is nice, and the preview functionality gives one an opportunity to inspect stuff, before committing their changes/posts.

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Enabling remote access to my home PC

August 15, 2017

It’s been more than four years since I wrote about securing my home PC, back in India. Since then, I’ve both upgraded the operating system, and also changed the internet provider. The change of ISP also merited a change in the router, and I had not even the time to inspect the hardware, much less configure it to allow remote access, before I returned to Sweden. This meant that like earlier, I had to coax someone back home in India to help me get it done, and that someone this time around, was my wife!

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Site warming :)

August 10, 2017

My site is now at the point where I’m reasonably happy with it. I might still tinker with things, but that’ll likely be an ongoinging affair. It’s however at a point where it’s ready for actual posts, instead of lorem ipsums!

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Multiple blogs on jekyll and paginate_multiple

August 9, 2017

I’ve always wanted to have the ability to have separate blogs, by category, but since I don’t write were frequently, and certainly not enough to justify multiple distinct blogs, I gave up on the idea. When I started setting up this site, I realized that it would be easy to have multiple blogs, and still have them under the same system, and with a consistent theme across all of them, so it was too good to resist.

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