Bullet Journaling

September 4, 2017

I started maintaining a bullet journal today, in a bid to improve productivity and get better organized. A friend observed the diary and enquired with some curiosity when I’d started, and seemed to find it a tad funny that I was going old-school. I’ve always been minimalist, the bullet journal is a perfect example of something extremely minimalist, but still very effective. What I liked best about the idea is the ease with which it can be created and maintained, while still being in a standard template. I don’t have to try and setup my own conventions or experiment till I find something I can use, and instead dive right in.

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Repetitive tasks and finding greater productivity

September 2, 2017

The human mind and working of the human brain have been the subject of innumerable studies, and have over the years, inspired both discoveries, and the spread of myths and urban legends. A popular myth is that human beings utilize only about 10% of the capacity/capability of the human brain; it even inspired the critically panned Hollywood movie Lucy. While it’s been proved that the brain is almost always working at full capacity, the efficiency is probably very low. As any programmer knows, efficient scheduling is an extremely challenging problem, and scheduling tasks for the brain is no different. In this post, I’ll also use the words brain and mind interchangeably, as I’m just too lazy now to decide on ground rules as to where which term is to be used.

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