Prepping the Raspberry Pi 3 for Jasper

September 17, 2017

I’ve been using a Raspberry Pi 2, for a while now, using it as a NAS box. I recently read about Jasper, an open-source project aimed at developing voice-controlled applications, like Siri and Alexa. Since I’ve been using Arch Linux for Arm on my RPi2 for a while, and quite happily at that, I simply did a disk dump of the / and /boot partitions on my older pi and cloned them on the new SD card. What I forgot to do after partitioning the new card though, was to set the LBA flag on, on the /boot partition. If the file system on the /boot partition is not either fat32 or fat16, and if the LBA flag is not turned on, the pi will neither boot, nor display any diagnostics. The only indication will be the non lighting up of the green LED, indicating SD card activity.

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