[bulletjournal] Minutes from previous meetings

September 14, 2017

Many bulletjournal entries are of meetings, many of which are recurring entities, so some context to previous meetings can be quite helpful. Minutes from the meeting can be added into the bulletjournal, using the standard bulletjournal signifiers; the dot for personal action points, and the dash, for notes. These minutes/notes may come in handy, during the subsequent meeting, particularly if it’s a few days or weeks apart.

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[bulletjournal] Email Reference

September 6, 2017

I’m going to use the tag ‘bulletjournal-hacks’ henceforth, for additional notations/conventions I come up with, to enhance/improve upon the basic bullet journal. Today’s addition is ‘Email Reference’, or EMR. What is it used for?
If your task/note is related to an email you’ve received or sent, it would be handy to make a note of the email in the journal, to allow you to easily lookup the email later, should you want to do so.

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Bullet Journaling

September 4, 2017

I started maintaining a bullet journal today, in a bid to improve productivity and get better organized. A friend observed the diary and enquired with some curiosity when I’d started, and seemed to find it a tad funny that I was going old-school. I’ve always been minimalist, the bullet journal is a perfect example of something extremely minimalist, but still very effective. What I liked best about the idea is the ease with which it can be created and maintained, while still being in a standard template. I don’t have to try and setup my own conventions or experiment till I find something I can use, and instead dive right in.

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