My bicycling (and unicycling!) adventures

I reconnected with bicycling, after my move to Sweden in 2013, and started riding longer distances in 2014. I rode my first self-supported 'brevet' in 2015, and earned my first Super Randonneur qualification in 2016. I've ridden and completed the Vätternrundan 300 km ride thrice (2014, 2015, 2016) and the Halvvättern 150 km twice (2014, 2016), apart from multiple randonneuring rides and other 'motionslopp' rides in Sweden, including the 90 km MTB event, Cykel Vasan. My first foray into ultra distance endurance bicycling was in June 2017, when I participated in the Transam Bike Race, and rode 3095 of the 6800 kilometer course, in 21 days. I started unicycling in the summer of 2018.

Learning to idle on the unicycle

May 12, 2019

Did some more unicycling in the last couple of days. In a first, I tried unicycling on grass and gravel, and the transition was interesting. Riding on the gravel, I could feel the tire interacting with every pebble and stick that I rolled on. The tire also grips so much more, due to it sinking a bit more into soft gravel, when compared to unyielding concrete, so I found myself being hyper-aware of the contours on the surface, and also how the unicycle responded to each one of my inputs. The whole session was very satisfying, and made me want to try and learn something new, like idling on a unicycle.

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First unicycling outing in 2019

February 10, 2019

The weekend was quite warm, with temperatures staying above freezing for the most part. Most of the snow had melted away, and most of the water too had evaporated, leaving clean asphalt. I’d been thinking of going out to do some unicycling for a couple of weeks now, but the weather conditions hadn’t been favorable; this weekend though was looking just perfect.

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Unicycling with company!

July 21, 2018

This summer has been exceedingly warm; warmer perhaps than even the super-warm summer of 2014, and today was a pretty muggy day. I’d not ventured out all day, and at half past five, I was a bit miffed at having spent all day indoors. I topped up my hydration pouch, slung on my backpack, and set off with my 36-er, to try and practice for a bit. Unicycling gets a lot of attention, and before long, I was surrounded by kids in the neighborhood, asking me questions and cheering me on enthusiastically.

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Video update: freemounting and riding my 36-er

July 15, 2018

While I’ve been making steady progress with my 36-er, I hadn’t shot a video of my riding or mounting it, till today. Today though, as I was practicing, I saw a couple of people seated on a bench, looking at me, and even shooting a video, as I attempted to freemount and ride away.

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Unicycling update: July 10 2018

July 10, 2018

It’s been slightly over a couple of weeks since the last update, where I’d realized I was able to mount the 36-er, but was still unable to roll away on it. For the first time in a while, I spent the weekend (28 Jun - 1st Jul) biking, riding to Örebro, and participating in a 200 BRM, my first BRM this season. The ride didn’t go to plan, but I wrapped up the weekend by enjoying a strong ride back to Linköping. On the unicycle front, I began to detect a strong reluctance to get on the 36-er. Each time I wanted to try it, I found myself subconsciously steering towards the 20” uni instead. When you analyse it for a bit, the reason becomes quite clear; on the smaller wheel, I’m so much better, and each time I ride it, I come back with more confidence and the realization that my skills are getting better, and I can also ride till my legs scream. On the 36-er though, progress is still slow, and all I could do was to hop on, and then step off. Sure, I was stepping off more gracefully now, and was now almost always able to catch the unicycle before it dropped to the ground (which feels nice), but that was about it.

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